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What is Group Therapy?

Our therapists are trained and highly skilled group therapists at Winter to Spring Wellness. You may be curious what group therapy is what the benefits are. Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves a group of individuals collectively working on similar areas of growth.

Examples of different groups:

Trauma processing

Codependency issues

LGBTQIA+ support

Eating Disorder Groups

Depression and Anxiety Management

Postpartum support

Substance Abuse Psychoeducation and Support

And many more.

The fundamental goal of group therapy is to develop a sense of relatability and to belong through shared experiences. For this reason, group therapy is most effective when utilized to address a specific concern common to all group members.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

Obtaining feedback from other group members who are facing or have faced similar issues

Finding connection in shared experiences

Learning tangible tools and skills to assist you with increased distress tolerance

Decreasing emotional distress by processing with others

Learning how to trust others in a safe environment

Improving interpersonal and coping skills

Reducing anxiety, fear, and isolation by engaging in a shared experience with others

Practicing new communication techniques in an inclusive affirming environment

Practicing vulnerability

Learning effective communication skills

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